I've been trying to implement a simple transaction in Adonis.

The scenario is I have a table that has a unique field named name and want to rollback the transaction of a multiple create query when one of the items name exists.

const Product = use('App/Models/Product')
const Database = use('Database')

const data = [
    name: 'name1'
    name: 'name2'
    name: 'name3'
    name: 'name4'

const trx = await Database.beginTransaction()

try {
  await Product.createMany(data, trx)
  await trx.commit()
  return response.json({
    success: true
} catch (e) {
  await trx.rollback()
  return response.json({
    success: false

In the code above, products name2, name3, name4 exists and name1 is not. So now we assume that when it starts creating name2, it will throw an error and rollback the transaction.

But it didn't. name1 is still inserted and not rolled back.

Also tried

try {
  await Database.transaction(async (trx) => {
    await trx.insert(data).into('products')
} catch (e) {}

But got the same output.

I am using mysql 5.5 by the way.

Am I missing something here?

  • make sure to put a console.error(e) to see if there is an error
    – Gaspar
    Dec 11, 2019 at 0:42

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If i correctly understood your question, you dont want to save duplicate rows in the database. for this purpose just change your Product migration file like this and add unique option to name colume.

'use strict'
/** @type {import('@adonisjs/lucid/src/Schema')} */
const Schema = use('Schema')

class ProductsSchema extends Schema {
  up() {
    this.create('products', (table) => {

  down() {

module.exports = ProductsSchema
  • 1
    Sorry. I think you did not understand my post.
    – wobsoriano
    Jun 27, 2019 at 4:17

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