I am trying to deploy cloudsql proxy as sidecar contaier like this:

        - name: cloudsql-proxy
          image: gcr.io/cloudsql-docker/gce-proxy:1.11
          command: ["/cloud_sql_proxy",
            - name: CLOUDSQL_INSTANCE
                  name: persistence-cloudsql-instance-creds
                  key: instance_name
            - name: my-secrets-volume
              mountPath: /secrets/cloudsql
              readOnly: true

But when I deploy this, I get following error in logs:

2019/06/20 13:42:38 couldn't connect to "${CLOUDSQL_INSTANCE}": googleapi: Error 400: Missing parameter: project., required

How could I use environment variable in command that runs inside kubernetes container?

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If you want to reference environment variables in the command you need to put them in parentheses, something like: $(CLOUDSQL_INSTANCE).

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