How do I specify that an int parameter is in dip? Specifically, how would write the equivalent of:


Something like...:

LayoutParams params = new LayoutParams(50, 50)

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There is a built-in method that will do this too: TypedValue.applyDimension.

// Convert from 50dip to actual pixels
final int width = (int)TypedValue.applyDimension(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, 50, getResources().getDisplayMetrics());
final int height = (int)TypedValue.applyDimension(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, 50, getResources().getDisplayMetrics());

LayoutParams params = new LayoutParams(width, height);

You can use this to convert from sp units to pixels as well.

  • I always thought this was a lack of functionality in Android. It seems it's not lacking, just not very pretty. :D
    – domenukk
    Jan 18, 2014 at 0:10

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