In React, I want to be able to use style words within a string which is defined in a variable using template literals. For that I am making use of a to just style that word. I am getting HTMLIntrinsic usage error.

Note- Solutions given in SO to questions related to this does not solve the issue I have. Pls check the code.

How to circumvent this problem

Tried using dangerouslyinsertHTML, but not a recommended solution.

    //Actual code
    const temperature = "22";
    const list = {
       item: `The temperature is ${temperature}`

    //To style it-
    const temperature = "22";
    const list = {
       item: `The temperature is <span style={{color:'red'}}>${temperature}</span>`

    //And the above list.item is inserted inside JSX like -
    return (

The temperature(22) needs to be styled.


Instead of the template string, you can use JSX elements for generating HTML as usual, placed next to your text elements. Example:

item: (
    The temperature is
    <span style={{color:'red'}}>

I'm using a Fragment to wrap the text and elements together, but you can use something else like a div if you wish to style the wrapper too.


You can't use React in template-literal like that because the React component is an object. Using it with template-literal will result in this[object Object] . So I recommend use other way, for example the solution by @richardo


You can make this as simple as this, IF you are OK to not have object like you defined

  <div>The temperature is <span style={{color: 'red'}}>{temperature}</span></div>

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