I want to edit the sample invocations showed in the actions directory, but I can't find the Sample Invocations section in my Directory Information section. I can find only short description and full description. But in the action directory, under the title: "ASK YOUR ASSISTANT" there are a lot of sample invocations and not all of them are relevant. How can I edit them?

  • Hi, when you click on Directory Information - below "Description" there should be a box with "Sample Invocations". Do you have that? – lisa p. Jun 25 at 13:13
  • This is the problem, there is no such section.. – ims Jul 4 at 13:32
  • Hm, you are using Smart Home? It's possible this exists for only some Actions but maybe not for Smart Home. I would suggest contacting public support at the form on this site: developers.google.com/actions/support – lisa p. Jul 8 at 9:41
  • For smart home, these invocations are defined based on the traits your devices support. Please file an issue with more detail about the types/traits you are using and the invocations that are not relevant for your device: developers.google.com/actions/smarthome/support – Devunwired Jul 18 at 17:27

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