I am new to dart web and and now i am trying to access my web-page from other devices on same network .

When i enter command webdev serve , an embedded web-server listens on port 8080 and I can access that via on that device . but i can not access that from other devices on same network with <DeviceLocalIP>:<port>

In the past i tried to access Wamp VirtualHost from other devices and that worked this way . Please help .


By default, webdev listens on which is a special address that means 'listen on this device only'. To access your web page from another device you'll need to use the --hostname flag to specify the hostname or IP address of your computer, or you can use to listen on all interfaces, i.e.

webdev serve --hostname
  • Tnx a lot , it worked – Pourya Fard Jun 21 at 21:06

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