When working with the CMake Linux project in Visual Studio 2019, every json file (e.g. task.vs.json, launch.vs.json) magically uses macros like:

  • ${workspaceRoot}
  • ${env.xxx}
  • ${debugInfo.xxx}
  • ${cmake.xxx}

How can one know the full list of options when documentation is scarce, and IntelliSense does not help? For the case of MSBuild, usually there will be a window of all the possible variables, along with their resolved values.

As an aside, is there a way to define variables at a per-user leve, so files like launch.vs.json can take take it in? For example, defining targetAddr=, and then use ${targetAddr} in the json file. One method is to define the variable in the json file itself, but I wish to commit the file as a "default" for team members, and let team members inject values through variables, without making the json file "dirty".

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