I need to sum the below hours and minutes.

[{"hours": 20.50},{"hours":30.55}]

expecting result should be: [{"hours" : 51.45}]

How do you think I can add the hours in dataweave 2.0 if not help me in java.

  • 20.50 is a decimal number in DataWeave, not hours and seconds. Please clarify the request. – aled Jun 22 at 16:23

I'm not sure if we can take advantage of the Time Types that include DW to solve this, so I wrote a solution that uses a custom type HoursMinutes that let the hours to be more than 24, parse a Number to HoursMinutes, add them, and finally transform it again to Number.

Maybe I over complicate it... hahah

%dw 2.0
output application/json

type HoursMinutes = {hour:Number, minute: Number}

fun toHours(n: Number): HoursMinutes = do {
    var split = n as String splitBy "."
    var fromMin = floor(split[1] as Number / 60)
    {hour:floor(n) + fromMin, minute:split[1] as Number mod 60}

fun add(hour1:HoursMinutes, hour2: HoursMinutes): HoursMinutes = do {
    var fromMin = floor((hour1.minute + hour2.minute) / 60)
    {hour: hour1.hour + hour2.hour + fromMin, minute: (hour1.minute + hour2.minute) mod 60}

fun toNumber(h: HoursMinutes) = (h.hour as String ++"."++ h.minute as String) as Number
        "hours": toNumber(payload reduce ((item, accumulator:HoursMinutes = {hour:0, minute:0}) -> accumulator add toHours(item.hours)))

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