Let's assume i have following async actions creators:

export const loadUserToken = () => async (dispatch, getState) => {
    dispatch({ type: 'LOAD_USER_TOKEN_START' });
    try {
        const token = await AsyncStorage.getItem('token');
        dispatch({ type: 'LOAD_USER_TOKEN_SUCCESS', payload: token });
    } catch (error) {
        dispatch({ type: 'LOAD_USER_TOKEN_ERROR', payload: error });


export const doSomethingHere = () => async (dispatch, getState) => {
    dispatch({ type: 'SOME_TASK_START' });
    // ...some logic
    dispatch({ type: 'SOME_TASK_END' });

I have two questions to this code:

  1. Is it a good practice to dispatch asyn action from another async action?
  2. How to test only loadUserToken async action creator and not whole flow (doSomethingHere async action creator)?

I have following test (using sinon and redux-mock-store) and i stuck with mocking dispatch(doSomethingHere()) inside loadUserToken.

const error = new Error();
sinon.stub(AsyncStorage, 'getItem').rejects(error);

const expectedActions = [
    { type: Actions.LOAD_USER_TOKEN_START },
    { type: Actions.LOAD_USER_TOKEN_ERROR, payload: error }

const store = mockStore(initialState);

return store.dispatch(UserActions.loadUserToken()).then(() => {

Above test execute also doSomethingHere async action creator but i don't want to mock whole logic of this method (sometimes it can be long and complicated), i just need check if this method was executed.

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