As of the title I want to plot over a map its regions (colored polygons) and highlight some, I think I have to use ggplot but I'm quite new in using R and I can't figure how to.

I have a map obtained by openmap() by OpenStreetMap package

upperLeft  <- c(lat1, lon1)
lowerRight <- c(lat2, lon2)
map <- openmap(upperLeft, lowerRight, type = "osm")

a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Object with my polygons data read from shapefile

regions <- readOGR(dsn=path.expand("Map_Shapefile"))

What I successfully made is plot map on a page and polygons + highlighted one on another

plot(regions, col = alpha(tab_centr$color, 0.5) #tab_centr holds centroids, region name and color
regions(italia@polygons[[23]]@Polygons[[1]]@coords[,1], regions@polygons[[23]]@Polygons[[1]]@coords[,2], border = "green", lwd=2)

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