I have this tcp server in Node.js that will open a shell and pipe the request to the shell:

const net = require('net');
const cp = require('child_process');

const server = net.createServer(s => {

  const bash = cp.spawn('bash');
  s.pipe(bash.stdin, {end:false});



I connect to it with netcat like this:

nc localhost 4004

when bash opens up, I just get this kinda stuff (literal):


ls -a


Tab completion doesn't work and when I hit the up arrow key - I get the ^[[B^[[A1 chars - so I am thinking that bash has two modes or something - writing to stdout and waiting for stdin...because in bash normally when I hit the up/down arrow keys it will output previous commands unless a command is currently writing to stdout then I will get that garbolly-gunk output.

Does anyone know how to re-create a good shell experience on a remote server? My code above "works" but it's not a real terminal, just a bash process or somethin.

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    If you want to recreate a good shell experience in your remote server, the best option is usually to use ssh, the "secure shell" program, to actually open one. You seem to be spawning bash and hooking a standard input and output to it, but not a terminal, and bash can tell if it's an interactive terminal or not; if not it does not use readline to handle its input, which is (in part) what provides tab-completion, history, and so forth. – DopeGhoti May 16 at 21:00
  • I see, so how could I tell bash that it's a TTY? that's an interactive terminal right? – Alexander Mills May 16 at 21:19
  • If you want to write a Node program to emulate rsh (remote shell, without encryption), such a question would be more suitable for Stack Overflow. – Anthony Geoghegan Jun 22 at 22:16

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