What is the regex to match any Chinese character in R?

[\\p{Han}] doesn't seem to work as expected.

grep("[\\p{Han}]",v, value = TRUE)

[1] "a"
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    Try this rudimentary option: Filter(function(x) Encoding(x)=="UTF-8", v) – NelsonGon Jun 23 '19 at 11:02

According to regular-expressions.info, "The JGsoft engine, Perl, PCRE, PHP, Ruby 1.9, Delphi, and XRegExp can match Unicode scripts". So setting perl = T should produce the correct results. The R default is a modified version of Ville Laurikari's TRE engine (source):

grep("[\\p{Han}]", v, value = T, perl = T)

#### OUTPUT ####

[1] "中" "文"

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