share` libraryto use Facebook share button with react and this is the code

var url = `http://localhost:3000/${this.props.match.params.id}/${this.props.match.params.name}`
  return (
    {/*some other codes*/} 
    <FacebookShareButton url={url} quote={"გააზიარე"} className="share">
         <FacebookIcon size={32} round={true}/>

but it does not work, I mean it opens facebook window but showing some error about domain name, i think this problem is common, because i did everything according to documentation. what is problem?


You cannot share a localhost link, that link is only available on your own computer. Shared URLs need to be accessible by Facebook in public.

  • so if I host website it will work – iLiA Jun 23 at 15:16
  • if it is public, yes, of course. make sure you understand why sharing localhost urls does not work. – luschn Jun 23 at 15:17
  • if you explain it in more details, please – iLiA Jun 23 at 15:34
  • i am not sure what else to explain, to be honest. you just need to run your website on a public host, not on localhost... – luschn Jun 23 at 16:09
  • that's what I meant in my first question. i meant heroku webserver or something like that – iLiA Jun 24 at 19:20

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