I am using ffmpeg for adding text over video and add overlay image over video in android everything works for me but it takes too long to execute command mostly in long video that more than or equals to 10 sec

 String  imgcmd[]=new String[]{"-i", inputpath ,"-i",imagepath ,"-filter_complex", "[0:v][1:v]overlay=main_w-overlay_w-10:main_h-overlay_h-10", "-codec:a", "copy",output};

                    String[] txtcmd = new String[]{"-i",""+inputpath, "-filter_complex", "drawtext=text=Vikram Dulagach:fontcolor=#000000:fontsize=54:x=533:y=503:fontfile="+"/sdcard/retro.ttf", "-y" ,""+output};

I want reduce execution time in ffmpeg

  • Is the output from the first ffmpeg command being used as the input for the second ffmpeg command? – llogan Jun 24 at 17:07
  • no both are separate command and use different occasion – vikram Jun 25 at 6:08
  • Not enough info to provide any suggestions. 1. Show an example of the actual ffmpeg commands being executed: not just the code that executes the commands. 2. Show the complete log from each command. – llogan Jun 25 at 16:39
  • below code i am using to add image as overlay and text at the bottom in video..but it will take more than 2 min or 3 min in 20 sec or 15 sec video.. – vikram Jun 26 at 5:14
  • sorry about that actually i do not know how to use stack overflow.. – vikram Jun 27 at 7:30

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