My asp.net-core Application has a sidebar in _Layout.cshtml. The sidebar is dynamically, so I need PageData. I tryed to pass the PageData from my PagesMiddleware to the View (I don't want to forward the PageData in every Controller for the Views).

Don´t want this: [PagesMiddleware] -> Controller -> _Layout.cshtml

PagesMiddleware: context.Items.Add("pages", pages);

every Controller: ViewData["Pages"] = TempData["pages"];

_Layout: @ViewData["Pages"]

Is there something like this: [PagesMiddleware] -> -> _Layout.cshtml

PagesMiddleware: ViewData["Pages"] = pages;

_Layout: @ViewData["Pages"]

PageData can be a string. How can i pass a string from Middleware to _Layout View without extra (redundant) Code in all Controllers?

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    In razor views you have access to HttpContext object, so to HttpContext.Items... you can always disregard controller part.
    – ibubi
    Jun 24, 2019 at 10:47
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As per comment on the post, HttpContext object is always accessible from a Razor view


context.Items.Add("pages", pages);


    var pages = Context.Items["pages"];

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