Using this line of code in my app, get me a memory leak notification when terminating the program:


Error message:

Unexpected Memory Leak

An unexpected memory leak has occurred. The unexpected small block leaks are:

29 - 36 bytes: TRSPosition x 1, TPen x 6, Unknown x 1


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    Which Delphi version are you using? – Delphi Coder Jun 24 at 14:48
  • Tokyo 10.2.3 (25.0.29899.2631) – Larry Anselof Jun 24 at 14:55
  • TRSPosition is third party. Are you using RiverSoftAVG's RSGraphics library? You can get a more detailed leak report from FastMM if you download the full version. If you want to pursue this, I would start there. Feels like this is a problem with the third-party components. – J... Jun 24 at 18:01
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    Would be nice to see a minimal reproducible example. Otherwise this question should likely be closed. – David Heffernan Jun 24 at 20:07

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