I'm attempting to open some MP3 files to find their lengths (as part of a larger project). I've installed pydub and ffmpeg has been installed via brew. ffmpeg is available in my path, and typing ffmpeg in a terminal launches it successfully - the audio file I'm referencing is present and I can run ffmpeg -i on it to get information about it. The program can open and play the audio file (using pygame), so I'm sure it's not a file issue.

However, attempting to open any files with AudioSegment leads to 'Couldn't find ffmpeg or avconv - defaulting to ffmpeg but may not work' being displayed, and any attempt to open a file using AudioSegment leads to an exception.

I've tried setting the path to ffmpeg explicitly using AudioSegment.converter - both trying to point to '/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg' and also to the true location (the previous one is a symlink).

from pydub import AudioSegment
AudioSegment.converter = '/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg' # tried with and without

I get FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'ffprobe': 'ffprobe'

  • You don't need to install anything on a Mac to get the duration of an mp3 file, the built-in mdls command will do that for you mdls -name kMDItemDurationSeconds song.mp3 – Mark Setchell Jun 24 at 17:05
  • Thanks @Mark Setchell, but I need to do it within Python as it's part of a project that will also need to run on Windows. – djaychela Jun 24 at 17:40

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