I have a column in pandas DataFrame which reads as follows

“percent: 71.3456789%” How can I clean it to stay with a column reading “70%”

I tried using replace as follows "df.str.replace("width:95.612899266253%;", "95.612899266253%"). The error I am getting is syntax error

How can i solve it

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    Hey John, try removing the % sign too that should sort you out. also, please post a minimal example with an expected output. also it would help if you posted your sytnax error.. – Umar.H Jun 24 '19 at 22:27

You can use a regular expression to get just the numerical value out of the string and perform the rounding on just that.

The regex I used has three groups:

  1. the "percent: ",
  2. the numerical value,
  3. the "%".

.str.replace then needs to be passed the regex=True argument.

import re

df = pd.DataFrame(["percent: 71.3456789%"],columns=["pct"])

>>> df
0  percent: 71.3456789%

repl = lambda m: m.groups(0)[0] + str(round(float(m.groups(0)[1]),0)) + m.groups(0)[2]

simple_decimal = re.compile(r'(percent: )(\d*.\d+)(%)')

>>> df.pct.str.replace(simple_decimal,repl,regex=True)
0    percent: 71.0%
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    Nice one,will definitely be using this – Umar.H Jun 25 '19 at 17:54

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