I've got the following text:

instance=hostname1, topic="AB_CD_EF_12345_ZY_XW_001_000001"
instance=hostname2, topic="AB_CD_EF_1345_ZY_XW_001_00001"
instance=hostname1, topic="AB_CD_EF_1235_ZY_XW_001_000001"
instance=hostname2, topic="AB_CD_EF_GH_4567_ZY_XW_01_000001"
instance=hostname1, topic="AB_CD_EF_35678_ZY_XW_001_00001"
instance=hostname2, topic="AB_CD_EF_56789_ZY_XW_001_000001"

I would like to capture numbers from the sample above. I've tried to do so with the regular expressions below and they work well as separate queries:

Regex: *.topic="AB_CD_EF_([^_]+).*    
Matches: 12345 1345 1235

Regex: *.topic="AB_CD_EF_GH_([^_]+).*
Matches: 4567 35678 56789

But I need a regex which can give me all numbers, ie:

12345 1345 1235 4567 35678 56789
  • From your description, it seems that your input is splitted into multiple lines? I have edited accordingly but in case it is not, please voice out and we can revert it back – Adrian Shum Jun 25 '19 at 0:47
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    You are not giving clear requirement nor the problem you are facing: can it be simply be "finding number between "_EF_" / "_GH" and _ZY ? That could be done by /.*(?:_EF_|_GH_)(\d+)_ZY.*/ – Adrian Shum Jun 25 '19 at 0:49
  • How about (?<=EF_)(\d+)(?=_ZY), Demo: regex101.com/r/vbLN9L/6 – Always Sunny Jun 25 '19 at 0:50

Make GH_ optional:


which matches all your target numbers.

See live demo.

You could be more general by allowing any number of "letter letter underscore" sequences using:


See live demo.

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From the examples and conditions you've given I think you're going to need a very restrictive regex, but this may depend on how you want to adapt it. Take a look at the following regex and read the breakdown for more information on what it does. Use the first group (there is only one in this regex) as a substitution to retrieve the numbers you are looking for.



Try it out in this DEMO.


^                # Asserts position at start of the line
hostname[0-9]+   # Matches any and all hostname numbers
\s*              # Matches whitespace characters (between 0 and unlimited times)
[A-Z_]+          # Matches any upper-case letter or underscore (between 1 and unlimited times)
([0-9]+)         # This captures the number you want
$                # Asserts position at end of the line

Although this does answer the question you have asked I fear this might not be exactly what you're looking for but without further information this is the best I can give you. In any case after you've studied the breakdown and played around the demo a it it should prove to be of some help.

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Another option that we might call, would be an expression similar to:


and our desired digits are in this capturing group ([0-9]+).

Please see the demo for additional explanation.

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    Hi Bohemian, Thank you for sharing the link , it helped . I am using the regex in grafana and regex was different there . The link helped me a lot . Hi Emma, thank you for the pointer it worked . And rest of the folks , all your solutions were working on regex browser but was facing issue in Grafana, because it accepts only first grouping . but with all your help, was able to find the right regex . cheers – SuS Jun 25 '19 at 16:34

The regex worked for me :

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