How do i clone a TChart at runtime? I found this link but it is Delphi and i can't translate to C++ Builder.

Here is what i tried but i get an error at runtime of Class TChart not found:

TChart *tmp = new TChart(Chart1->Clone(this));
tmp->Parent = this->Panel2;

Also, how can i clone so that i can easily reference the new clones in code - e.g. Chart(2), Chart(3) etc.

EDIT 1: I can clone a button with the following code, but i'm still getting the Class TChart not found when i try with a TChart.

TButton *tmp;
tmp = new TButton(Button1->Clone(this));
tmp->Parent=ToolBar1;  // put it on ToolBar1
tmp->Text = "Cloned Button";

EDIT 2: The following code makes a chart clone and solved the Class TChart not found issue but it does not make a true clone. The image below shows Chart1 and the resulting clone (on Win32). My goal was to make a template chart (Chart1) and then just clone it as i needed new charts...without having to set gobs of properties to make it look like Chart1.

void __fastcall TForm1::Button2Click(TObject *Sender)
TChart* tmp =  (TChart*)(Chart1->Clone(Chart1));  // clone Chart1
tmp->Parent = Panel2;  // put the new clone on Panel2
tmp->Position->Y = 300;  
tmp->BottomAxis->Minimum = -8;
tmp->BottomAxis->Maximum = 8;
tmp->LeftAxis->Minimum = 0;
tmp->LeftAxis->Maximum = 10;

Chart1 and its clone

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    You could use the function CloneChart – Kerem D Jun 26 at 6:23
  • Hi Kerem - i've been trying to use CloneChart but there seems to be some issues (i'm looking at the Steema user forums). I can't get it to make a true clone. I'll add "EDIT 2" to my original post so you can see what i mean. – relayman357 Jun 26 at 16:58

A TChart component can be cloned with the function CloneChart.

TChart* tmp = new TChart(this);
CloneChart(tmp, Chart1, this, false);
tmp->Parent = this->Panel2;

You could save pointers to the created TChart objects in a vector.

  • Kerem - this works except the new chart is not anchored to the right like Chart1. I can't figure out how to anchor it in C++ either. This link shows how to do it in Delphi but can't figure how in C++. I want to anchor it to left and right only. – relayman357 Jun 29 at 2:25
  • Got it with tmp->Align = TAlignLayout::Horizontal after much searching. This link helped. – relayman357 Jun 29 at 21:26

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