I need to create a complex object, which it's value needed to be computed or copy from another object.

the object I need to create

interface A extends B {
key1: string
key2: {
is's a complex object with many keys

I use these code

const a: A = Object.assign({}, b); //ts error here
a.key1 = around 10 lines of calc
a.key2 = around 10 lines of calc

but got an error TS2741: Property 'key1, key2' is missing in type 'a' but required in type 'A'.

Is there a way to create an object in multiple lines without coding unreadable code like Object.assign({}, b, {key1: 10line, key2: 10line})?

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    When asking questions, please don't abbreviate every bit of code and the error. Post a full example, the full exact error and am exact description of what you want to do. – Ingo Bürk Jun 25 '19 at 6:59

This is a way how i asign my complex Variables. I used no interface for vetter understanding.

   let myObject: { key: { subkey: string } } = {key: {subkey: ""}};

    myObject = {
      key: { subkey: "value" }
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If you can use the latest standard, you can use object destructing which is basically a sugar for Object.assign(). The syntax uses triple dots "..."

const a: A = {...b, key1: /*Complex calc*/, key2: /*Complex calc*/};
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