So I have been trying this-tutorial to access the runC container from the diego-cell VM. However, when I try to run

/var/vcap/packages/runc/bin/runc exec -t <instance_id> /bin/bash

I get the error

exec failed: container "<id>" does not exist

when I run cfdot for the given application it does list this instance-id, also when navigating into the location

/var/vcap/data/garden/depot/<container_id> it exists.

But runc in unable to open the container, also when I run

runc list

the list of running containers in the vm is empty

diego-cell/49dbeca6-36eb-4910-94b9-48960891a0b1:~# /var/vcap/packages/runc/bin/runc list
ID          PID         STATUS      BUNDLE      CREATED     OWNER

I've run all as root as mentioned in the link.

Why am I not able to access the runC containers, What am I missing?

(P.S: Although the intent is same, I'm not looking for cf ssh)

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