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How can I get the value of an environment variable named in a function parameter? E.g.,

function echo-env($var) {echo "value of $var is $env:$var"}

Returns PowerShell error:

Variable reference is not valid. ':' was not followed by a valid variable name character. Consider using ${} to delimit the name.

EDIT: The question that this was marked a duplicate of indeed answered my question, giving me this working result:

function echo-env($var) {echo "set $var to $((Get-Item env:$var).Value)"}

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  • Thanks, the answer from the pointed-to question seemed simplest to me, which is what I used: function echo-env($var) {echo "set $var to $((Get-Item env:$var).Value)"} – joniba Jun 26 at 14:36

One alternative is to use .NET:

function echo-env($var) {
    "value of '$var' is: $([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable($var))"

Query the env: environment provider PSDrive instead:

function echo-env {

  if($ev = Get-Item env:\$var){
    "value of $var is $($ev.Value)"

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