In Ruby I can replace characters in a string in the following way:

a = "one1two2three"
a.gsub(/\d+/) {|e| e.to_i + 1}
=> "one2two3three"

The result of evaluating the block from the second line, will replace what was matched in the pattern. Can we do something equivalent in Scala? Replace something in a regex with the results of a function/anonymous function?


Yes, Regex#replaceAllIn has an overloaded version that takes a function Match => String. The equivalent Scala version of your code would be:

"""\d+""".r.replaceAllIn("one1two2three", m => (m.group(0).toInt + 1).toString)
  • Superb! Thank you! – Geo Apr 15 '11 at 11:27

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