I'm new to DropWizard so I'm still a little confused on its directory structure and file architectures.

Here is my directory structure: directory structure

Couple of questions:

  1. In one of the config folders, I guess in order to setup DynamoDB you need to have a DynamoDBConfig.java file. (I lifted a lot of this from a tutorial). But this specific tutorial had some dependencies which I'm not sure of in terms of what they do. This is what that file looks like: enter image description here
  2. I’m still confused as to the Resource class. The DropWizard doc says “For our application, we need a resource which returns new Saying instances from the URI /hello-world”, so is the resource class just describing the response from the server-side?
  3. I looked at another DropWizard tutorial and they put their backend code such as their CRUD operations in a controller file. So does all of my backend code operate out of that controller file?

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