I'm working on making some customizations to my BigCartel store and have come to a halt on the last feature I want to add. I notice that there is no option included in my template [ Ranger Theme ] to allow for a size chart button on product pages. This is a feature I really wanted so I've coded one that triggers a popup which displays the size chart.

My issue now is how can I get each product page to allow for different size charts to be displayed in the pop up as opposed to the same exact size chart being displayed no matter what product a customer is viewing? In the editor, it seems I only have the ability to batch edit code for "all" product pages but not each page individually.

I'm finding it pretty hard to come across any documentation on how to add this sort of feature to Big Cartel sites. The closest thing I've been able to take a look at is Shopify's sites. Since both Shopify and Big Cartel seem to be written in the same template language [Liquid], I figured whatever code used for this sort of feature on Shopify sites should reasonably be expected to work on Big Cartel sites too perhaps with a few minor modifications at most.

To test that theory out, I borrowed some dummy code I found online at CodePen I believe, which was written specifically for Shopify and it worked. Sorry, I don't remember precisely what the code was for - this was probably a week ago now and I've since discarded the code. But my point is - it worked. So, I believe this can be done even if takes slightly modifying coding originally meant for use in Shopify sites.

The most common response I've gotten so far in presenting this question to developers on the internet is; "that's an easy fix with a little PHP. Are you working in Wordpress?" And then, I respond, no it's actually for a Big Cartel site." And that's usually where the convo ends. Seems like there's plenty of ways to get this done on almost any other platform but no one has yet to tackle it for Big Cartel.

I don't know what code would be particularly helpful since I'm not asking how to fix broken code but rather what code can be written that will accomplish a particular desired result. If there's any specific code from my BigCartel site anyone would like to take a look at, please let me know.

Here is a link to the entire HTML, CSS, & JS coding for the button popup if seeing that might help.: https://codepen.io/leelabrae/pen/RzgjMb

And below is the HTML code alone.

`<a class="trigger_popup_fricc"><button class="block" name="open" type="open" title="Size Chart">SIZE CHART</button></a>
<div class="hover_bkgr_fricc">
<span class="helper"></span>
<div class="popupCloseButton">X</div>
    <p><img src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwa2l975cpmam9u/cityteesizes.png?raw=1"></p>

Desired result: clicking on a button labeled "size chart" triggers popup containing the (image) of a size chart for product (A) on that page. If user navigates to a different product page, clicking on the "size chart" button now triggers a popup containing a size chart for product (B) and so on until all products have their own unique size chart popups.

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