Hello Everyone, Need your thoughts on an issue I am getting with a python script to create vpc and subnet.

My script is working fine when creating vpc, but next step of subnet creation is failing with error

googleapiclient.errors.HttpError: <HttpError 503 when requesting https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/<projectname>/regions/us-east1/subnetworks?alt=json returned "Internal error. Please try again or contact Google Support.

I am able to create subnet from UI and from rest API page.

Here is the script code I am using for subnet creation-

def create_subnet(compute, project, region, classname):

    subnetname = classname
    networkpath = 'projects/<projectname>/global/networks/%s' % (classname)
    ipCidrRange = ""

    config = {
  "name": subnetname,
  "network": networkpath,
  "ipCidrRange": ipCidrRange

    print('##### Print Config ##### %s' % (config))

    return compute.subnetworks().insert(

def main(project, classname, zone, region):

compute = googleapiclient.discovery.build('compute', 'v1')

print('Creating vpc')

operation = create_vpc(compute, project, classname)

print('Creating subnet')

operation = create_subnet(compute, project, region, classname)

Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions.

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I got the root cause of this issue. I was making subnet call without waiting for vpc create operation to complete.

Created new function to wait and call it after vpc creation step resolves the issue.

def wait_for_global_operation(compute, project, operation):
    print('Waiting for operation to finish...')
    while True:
        result = compute.globalOperations().get(

        if result['status'] == 'DONE':
            if 'error' in result:
                raise Exception(result['error'])
            return result


Thanks Lozano for your comments and feedback.


This seems to be related to the a wrong label syntax. Try the following syntax for network and region:

"network": "https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/XXXXX/global/networks/XXXXX", "region": "https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/XXXXX/regions/XXXXX"

The online API Explorer can be pretty helpful1.

  • Thanks, Lozano for your answer. I am using API Explorer, and check all parameters from API explorer, which seems fine. If I try to use region in format 'projects/XXXXX/regions/XXXXX', I got error ``` Invalid value 'projects/XXXXX/regions/XXXXX'. Values must match the following regular expression: '[a-z](?:[-a-z0-9]{0,61}[a-z0-9])?'"> ``` – Dev Jun 27 at 16:02
  • I supose you changed the XXXX according to your own particular project and region. I tested it out with my project and its working perfectly, I don't even need the region variable, only ipCidrRange, network and name. – Lozano Jun 28 at 11:10
  • That's right, Lozano. I replace XXXX with the required inputs. I am not sure how it works without region variable. Region is mandatory parameter for Method: subnetworks.insert. cloud.google.com/compute/docs/reference/rest/v1/subnetworks/… – Dev Jun 28 at 20:30

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