I am writing an avro schema for my application (writing an app.json file for my application). I am using {"name": "", "type":"string", "choices":[.... and here there are multiple choices to define....].

My question is: In the field "choice"there are multiple choices and they are repetitive just a number is getting change. Can I write the below code in more optimize way. Can I run for loop or any other optimize way.


{"name": "conditions", "type": "string", "choices": ["default", "value1:a", "value1:b" "value2:a", "value2:b", "value3:a","value3:b", "value4:a", "value4:b"........... "value100:a", "value100:b"]}

I was thinking of something like below but don't know how to write this:

 {"name": "conditions", "type": "string", "choices": ["default", "valueXX:a", "valueXX:b"]}

And XX can be define somewhere in the app.json



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