Per [string.view.synop]:

// ...

// [string.view.hash], hash support
template<class T> struct hash;
template<> struct hash<string_view>;
template<> struct hash<u16string_view>;
template<> struct hash<u32string_view>;
template<> struct hash<wstring_view>;

// ...

Only for the four "common" basic_string_views are specializations of hash enabled. The other basic_string_views have their hashes disabled.

Per [unord.hash]/2:

[...] For any type Key for which neither the library nor the user provides an explicit or partial specialization of the class template hash, hash<Key> is disabled.

Per [unord.hash]/4:

If H is a disabled specialization of hash, these values are false: is_­default_­constructible_­v<H>, is_­copy_­constructible_­v<H>, is_­move_­constructible_­v<H>, is_­copy_­assignable_­v<H>, and is_­move_­assignable_­v<H>. Disabled specializations of hash are not function object types. [ Note: This means that the specialization of hash exists, but any attempts to use it as a Hash will be ill-formed. — end note ]

Therefore, the following Minimal Reproducible Example should not compile because it attempts to default construct a disabled specialization of hash:

#include <string_view>

// trait is a char trait distinct from std::char_traits<char>
struct trait :std::char_traits<char> {
    using char_traits<char>::char_traits;

int main()
    [[maybe_unused]] std::hash<std::basic_string_view<char, trait>> x;

However, this compiles fine on Clang 8.0.0. Digging down the source of libc++, we see:

// [string.view.hash]
template<class _CharT, class _Traits>
struct _LIBCPP_TEMPLATE_VIS hash<basic_string_view<_CharT, _Traits> >
    : public unary_function<basic_string_view<_CharT, _Traits>, size_t>
    size_t operator()(const basic_string_view<_CharT, _Traits> __val) const _NOEXCEPT {
        return __do_string_hash(__val.data(), __val.data() + __val.size());

So libc++ actually enables hash for all basic_string_views.

Therefore, I conclude that this is a bug in libc++. Is my analysis correct?


You appear to be correct. Libc++ correctly disables your hash for std::basic_string, but not for std::basic_string_view.

Later: Fixed for LLVM 9.0

  • Does it? The same code compiles fine when I change basic_string_view to basic_string. – L. F. Jun 27 at 13:56
  • It does not for me using ToT clang and libc++ - and if you change your Wandbox settings to "Clang HEAD", it fails to compile. – Marshall Clow Jun 27 at 14:16
  • Thanks for the information! I definitely should check the latest version before declaring a bug. – L. F. Jun 28 at 4:20

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