Below almost works but I am missing something obvious, within the SOURCE folder ODS I have a sub-folder called Archive. However when I run the code it appears to not on.ly create another ODS folder in the destination ODS folder but none of the csv files stores in the folder are copies across, I assumed wrongly that -Filter would ensure only the csv's are copied across.

## The location/filename where the Logs will be stored
$varfullpath = "C:\Users\Simon.Evans\Documents\ReferenceData__logfile.txt"        
## The location/filename of the Source to copy from                                    
$sourceDirectory  = "C:\Users\Simon.Evans\Documents\Source Data\ODS\"
## The location/filename of the Destination to copy to  
$destinationDirectory = "I:\Dev\BI\Projects\Powershell\Test Area\Source Data\ODS\"

## Attempts to copy a file fron Source to Destination and record the event, if the Copy-item fails the script is halted and the error messages are captured in the Log 
## Possibly only 1 error is needed and or applicable, so remove as necessary.
    Copy-item -Force  -Verbose $sourceDirectory -Filter ".csv" -Recurse   -Destination $destinationDirectory  -ErrorAction Stop  
    Write-Log -Message "Copy from $sourceDirectory to $destinationDirectory suceeded"  -path $varfullpath             
    $Error[0] | Write-Log -path $varfullpath                                                                            
    Write-log -Message "Copy from $sourceDirectory to $destinationDirectory Failed"  -Level Error -path $varfullpath     
Start-Process notepad $varfullpath  ## Opens the file immediately for review
  • I Think you are missing the wildcard. Copy-item -Force -Verbose $sourceDirectory -Filter "*.csv" -Recurse -Destination $destinationDirectory -ErrorAction Stop Hope it Helps! BR Jun 27, 2019 at 13:59
  • thanks but its copying everything including subfolders AND creating another ODS folder within the existing ODS fold eg csv's appearing in here now (I:\Dev\BI\Projects\Powershell\Test Area\Source Data\ODS\ODS\Archive). I just want only the csv files in C:\Users\Simon.Evans\Documents\Source Data\ODS\ to be copied into I:\Dev\BI\Projects\Powershell\Test Area\Source Data\ODS\ and nothinbg else.
    – Simon
    Jun 27, 2019 at 14:04
  • currently you are copying the Folder ODS to another Folder ODS. If you want to only copy the files contained perhaps an solution with get-childitem would be better. There you can define to only take files. If I have enough time I'll try to provide code Jun 27, 2019 at 14:12
  • Get-ChildItem -Path '.\Desktop\localtmp\ping\ling ling' -Recurse -File -Filter "*.txt" | Copy-Item -Destination '.\Desktop\ling ling' Jun 27, 2019 at 14:18
  • This line will copy all files with the ending .txt from the folder ling ling to another folder ling ling Jun 27, 2019 at 14:19

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As discuessed in the comments the solution would be to replace the try block with:

Get-Childitem -Path $sourceDirectory -File -Filter "*.csv" | Copy-Item -Destination $destinationDirectory -Force -Verbose -ErrorAction Stop

Hope it helps! BR


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