I have spent hours trying to fix this problem on my own but am getting nowhere and can't seem to see any other questions/solutions regarding my specific problem.

I successfully installed nodist via chocalatey via Powershell admin.

I used the following script in attempting to install the Squarespace development server per Squarespace documentation:

npm install -g @squarespace/server -y

Please noted I added the -y parameter to for yes to accept license agreement but previously didn't add this parameter but still received same result.

When trying to install the local Squarespace development server via Powershell admin, the script keeps getting hung up at the following:

Using this software requires accepting the Squarespace Developer Terms of Use and Oracle Binary Code License Agreement . See LICENSE.txt.

The following is a screenshot of all the scripts that ran beginning from my install script:

enter image description here

I have done everything from reinstalling nodist several times to rebooting machine and everything else to troubleshoot.

Please note that I have also waited for more than an hour to see if the script fully executes but remains hung at the above noted line.

Why is this happening and how can I fix this?


  • Your issue seems to be that you have not yet clicked an acceptance of the Terms of Use. So you'll need to review the docs of what you're installing from square space and see if there is a place you register yourself as a dev with their platform, then possible click a box to accept their terms of use. From the error you show, that seems to be preventing the install. see developers.squarespace.com/local-development – Jason Ashley Jun 27 at 16:36
  • @JasonAshley Correct, I am registered, I have reviewed the license.txt file, from what i've seen on other forums there should be an option for me to either type 'y' for yes and 'n' for no in PS. There is no option for me to do this. – Squ1rr3lz Jun 27 at 16:38
  • drive.google.com/a/benchmarkemail.com/file/d/… . You may want to contact their support or log back in to find that option to accept in your account , see image above – Jason Ashley Jun 27 at 16:40
  • @JasonAshley hmmm. I haven't seen this, I'm in the Squarespace account right now via the browser. Where do I nav to accept this as I see no popup and can't locate it from nav bar. – Squ1rr3lz Jun 27 at 16:43
  • I'm installing now, based on your install you're adding a '-y' flag, try without it. Docs don't say to do a -y automatically. See image: drive.google.com/a/benchmarkemail.com/file/d/… and see docs developers.squarespace.com/get-started – Jason Ashley Jun 27 at 16:53

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