I have the following method in my MVC Portlet,

public void process(HttpServletRequest  actionRequest, HttpServletResponse  actionResponse){


   actionResponse.setStatus( HttpServletResponse.SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY);

catch(Exception ex){
System.out.println("Error occured" + ex.getMessage());

This redirects to the mentioned URL successfully but I want it to be a 301 redirection. So I tried

actionResponse.setStatus( HttpServletResponse.SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY);

But it is not working, how can I do 301 redirection, can any one help me on that please.?


There are 2 problems to look at here, First, check if you are not setting the code after send redirect commits the response. Second, to set a code like that, you might want to try something like the following:

response.setProperty( ResourceResponse.HTTP_STATUS_CODE, Integer.toString( HttpServletResponse.SC_NOT_FOUND ) );

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