I am using Ubuntu and i would like to stop a running application from terminal, more precisely through a script. One way is to get the pid of the process and issue a kill command with the pid of the process. But how do i get the pid of running applications? Or is there any better way to do this?

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you can use

ps -ax | grep application name if your searching for firefox type below command

ps -ax | grep firefox

it shows the processing id of corresponding applications you can stop that application by kill command if process id=1317,

kill -9 1317 

How to stop an application from opening at start?

You will have to type ps -A and Enter.

After that you will get a list of every app that that is starting by itself.

kill -9  (the number of the app)

Send me a message it that does not help you.

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ps -ef | grep application name


If you know the name of the application:

-pidof "name of application" (This will return the pid of that application)
-kill "pid"

Here is a basic bash script I wrote:

PID=`pidof start_program`
kill $PID

"start_program" is the name of the application running.


pkill will probably cover your use case.


Or is there any better way to do this?

Depends on the application. Some applications write their PID to a file.

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