In a game I've been making I would like the player to go back to the main menu once they lose:

if (gameOver) {
   Intent i = new Intent(this.context, MainActivity.class);

The code above works, but once I try to rerun the game, everything crashes.

I think finishActivity might work, but I'm not sure what a request code is.

  • A request code helps you identify an intent, that's all it does. Set it to a unique positive value and avoid setting the request code of other intents to that same value. – Taslim Oseni Jun 30 '19 at 20:21

The request code that you input in finishActivity() is the same request code that you get at onActivityResult().

This is only valid when you launch an activity using startActivityForResult(). This means that it doesn't matter in your case because you're using startActivity().

Use finish() instead.

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