I was wondering if anyone has a quick example of a LUA script that I can see for VLC?

I need to make an automated even in VLC where it runs a playlist that I have set to be randomized; however I need the FIRST video to stay the same always.

VLC can be set to have randomization but you can set it to have one particular video play first then set it to random. So I need to use a lua script to do that but I haven't seen any that are basic enough for me to test out somethings.

Right now I run batch scripts with event viewer to control my VLC player but if there is a way to control the playlist from LUA, that would be awesome.

I tried looking here: [https://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Building_Lua_Playlist_Scripts/][1]

but it doesn't give me an example to start with. I don't need http enabled for it (yet), I just need an example of a local playlist or file being ran in LUA for VLC.


  • VLC tutorials are so scant, it's frustrating. For some things the vlc-devel mailing list works but it would be nice if the knowledge was more publicly available. – Sridhar Sarnobat Jan 22 at 3:18

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