I want to write a table component because there are tables in multiple pages in the project.But can't render data now.

Here is my code,


    <resource-table :TableData="resourceCodeTableData" :CodeColumns="resourceCodeColumns"></resource-table> 


   var tableCom = `
                <el-table :data="TableData" class="pj-table" height="400px" stripe border>
                            v-for="column in CodeColumns" :prop="column.prop"
                        <template scope="scope">
                            <span v-html="scope.row[column.prop]"></span>

Vue.component('resource-table', {
    props: ['TableData', 'CodeColumns'],
    template: 'tableCom'

var app = new Vue({
    el: '#app',


[{"deviceType": "tttt"}]


[{"label":"deviceType","prop": "deviceType"}]

Please point out the error of my code, thank you very much.

  • Use kebab case for props in template. Change it to <resource-table :table-data="resourceCodeTableData" :code-columns="resourceCodeColumns"></resource-table> – Christhofer Natalius Jul 1 at 2:04
  • Are you sure you have registered component el-table and el-table-column? – Christhofer Natalius Jul 1 at 2:05
  • And also, you need key property when using v-for. – Christhofer Natalius Jul 1 at 2:07
  • Thanks,but it doesn't work – Xin Zhang Jul 1 at 7:26

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