adb connection goes from online working mode to offline after 5 seconds of doing nothing. When I continue doing work over adb shell for example it stays connected, until I stop doing so.

VMware ESXi 6.5 server is running either Win10, Win7 or Ubuntu Desktop 18.04. With both windows installations I have that 5 seconds timeout going offline problem. When running under ubuntu it works.

I don#t expect any physical problem, because the ubuntu based version is running. Via VMware I can logically plug the USB device from ubuntu to Win10/7 and use it exclusive there. It is shown as an ADB device and found by adb. But goes offline after that 5 seconds. I can run "adb reconnect" which turns it back to online, but then it has 5 seconds only until going offline again.

I hope there are some special secret settings for a VMware windows based image related to usb connectivity?

PS: Can't update to 6.7, because 6.5 was the last version supporting my server hardware.

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