I actually want to get the whole code within the Function/Procedure/View. I got the queries which can list names of the Functions/Views but i want to see the code also of passed View/Function/Procedure name. for example if i pass name of function like totalrecords(), i should be able to see:

CREATE FUNCTION totalrecords(val integer) RETURNS integer AS $$
RETURN val + 1;
END; $$

In the query i should only pass the name of Function/View/Procedure (or) else i should be able to see all the list of Function/View/Procedure individually.

I have tried this query to list functions,but only names.

SELECT routine_name as function_name 
FROM information_schema.routines 
WHERE routine_type='FUNCTION' AND specific_schema='public';

I have tried this query to list Views,but only names.

select table_name 
WHERE table_schema = ANY (current_schemas(false));