I'm dumping a zval container running on PHP version 7.3.5 (opcache is activated and PHP is thread safe enabled) following this given code :

$a = "new string";
$b = $a;
xdebug_debug_zval( 'a' );

accordingly to php.net documentation Example #3 Increasing refcount of a zval it outputs refcount=2 :

a: (refcount=2, is_ref=0)='new string'

On my setup (php7.3.5), it outputs refcount=1 :

(refcount=1, is_ref=0)string 'new string' (length=10)

I actually reach the same output with PHP5.6 as the php.net documentation. What internally changed in PHP7 and why refcount remain 1 ?

  • The string is interned and as such doesn't use refcounting. – NikiC Jul 1 at 16:55

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