I tried following all the steps in the blog whose URL is mentioned below.


While I am getting the authentication token and the entire flow is running properly, I just cannot change the value of expires_in which is 43199 by default.

How do I change that to some other value, let's say 5 minutes (300 seconds) ?


You can include this in the UAA configuration in the xs-security.json or manually update the uaa using cf update-service <uaa_instance_name> -c <json_file | inline-JSON object>

"oauth2-configuration": {
      "token-validity": 7200

For fullness, here's a sample UAA JSON

  "xsappname": "example_uaa",
  "tenant-mode": "dedicated",
  "description": "Security profile of called application",
  "scopes": [
      "name": "uaa.user",
      "description": "UAA"
      "token-validity": 7200
  "role-templates": [
      "name": "Token_Exchange",
      "description": "UAA",
      "scope-references": [

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