I have this document

    "text_foo": "lorem ipsum",
                "text_bar": "dolor sit amet"

What i'm trying to acomplish: I need dynamic template, that will match any properties starting with "text_" example:

"mappings" : {
                "match": "text_*",
                "path_match": "*.text_*",
                "match_mapping_type": "*",   

Question 1:

Can i use "match" and "path_match" together? (Like in my example)

Question 2:

Will "path_match":"*.text_*" match whole path "one.two.three.text_*" or only `"one.text_*"?

Question 3:

Will "path_match":"*.text_*" match also root property "text_foo"?

Question 4:

If only solution is use regular expresions ("match_pattern":"regex"), will regular expresion match against whole path "one.two.three.text_bar" or only against "text_bar"?

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