We have a language binding with FFI using the "TensorFlow for C" and “the corresponding header files.

While we could find binaries for:

  • Linux, 64-bit, x86
  • macOS X, Version 10.12.6 (Sierra) or higher
  • Windows, 64-bit x86

We can't find binaries for Raspberry/ARM/Raspbian. And this is really a pity because if you go to Tensorflow downloads you can read that "Raspbian 9.0 or later" is officially supported.

But I need the C binding for Raspberry Pi.

Any idea if the binary is available? and if not, at least instructions for compiling in?

Thanks in advance,


The last paragraph of the "TensorFlow for C" you cited points to a how-to file which does show you how to build TensorFlow C API from source code with bazel

  • Thanks @freedom. I didn't know if something special compilation was needed for ARM. Are you aware of people/projects compiling it and using successfully? Jul 4 '19 at 16:41

OK, after a long search, I found no binary available, so I had to manage myself. I finally took the time to write down everything I found during my attempt to get TensorFlow C library compiled for Raspberry Pi. So, feel free to read that for a more detailed answer to my original question.

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