I am using the function wi of the package adehabitat to calculate selection ratios. I have the used and the available proportions for each "animal" and i have an error that i don't know how to fix that.

In this case, it seems there is an error related to the upper limit of the confidence interval (ICdiffupper), but I cannot understand what is the problem with the data.

wi = widesIII(used, available, avknown=FALSE, alpha=0.05) 

used=dataframe with proportion of used resources for each fire
available=dataframe with proportion of available resources for each fire
avknown=if the proportion is known (TRUE) or estimated (FALSE)
alpha=the level for the confidence intervals (95%)

This is the error message i got:

Error in if (ICdiffupper[i, j] < 0) sig[i, j] <- "---" : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

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