I had a requirement to add custom logic in SAP standard fiori application and deploy it as a custom application. it's Application Type is Transactional (SAP Fiori elements). i couldn't use extension project or Adaptation project to make my changes. it is showing an error (Extending smart application is currently not supported). So i have made changes in application as it was already extended by SAP (it have "ext" folder in it also have reference in manifest.json) and working fine in Webide.

So i deployed that application as a New application and gave different application ID. In SE80 BSP application it is displaying my changes. But very same application changes are not being reflected on Fiori launchpad.

please let me know if more information is required.

i have used following blogs for my reference.

Standard Application Link in Fiori Application Library


https://ga.support.sap.com/dtp/viewer/index.html#/tree/1910/actions/24709:24711 (Extending CDS wont fulfill requirement)




It got resolved by just deleting component preload files from webIde. and deploying it again. Thanks all :)

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