I upgraded an Xcode 3 project having three targets to Xcode 4. My targets' bundles no longer have any NIB files -- only XIB files. A new Xcode 4 project has both (at least in the simulator). I don't see any difference between the old and the new Xcode projects' settings to account for this difference.

How do I get Xcode 4 to compile the XIB files and put NIBs in my bundle?


Solution: Select all of the XIB files, change the file type to something outlandish ("Objective-C Preprocessed Source" is handy), and then set the file type BACK to the Default type (IB CocoaTouch XIB). De-select all of the files (Xcode might spin on that for a while), clean the project, delete the prior version(s) from the simulator(s), and now the build should contain only NIBs, no XIBs.

Man Always Wins In The End. (With help from BaldEagle.)

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  • Thanks! I DID NOT think of setting to other files.. I opened up the pbxproj, examine and compare with a working version and find no difference... There are so many wierd bugs with xcode.. just now I debug the whole day for a UIView that behave wierd only to find out that it works once I delete and re-created it.. I really hoped MSFT won the phone war just for the sake of the developer tools! :( Apr 5 '13 at 9:28
  • I just want to say that this solved a problem I was just having. I never thought of trying this. Kudos to you, dude!
    – SevenBits
    Jun 22 '13 at 23:26

I found another solution:

Go into the 'Build Settings' or your project target, look for 'Other Interface Builder Compiler Flags' and add the flag '-all'.

That's it.

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