Using python API blpapi to convert excel formulas like BDP and BDS

I need to recognize whether the required field is Bulk field (for BDS) or simple field (for BDP)

Is there any way to do that?


Bulk fields have data type = Datatype.SEQUENCE

Element field = fields.GetElement(i);
// Checking if the field is Bulk field
if (field.Datatype == Datatype.SEQUENCE)

See BulkRefDataExample.

  • Many thanks for ur reply I tried using this tip but I got "'Element' object has no attribute 'Datatype'" , note that Im using python..any recommendation? also, I used (FieldInfoRequest) and for OPT_CHAIN,DVD_HIST I got [ftype = BulkFormat] I dont know if it is applied for all the bulk fields or not so that I can use it to differentiate , because I noticed that ["NAME" gives ftype = Character , "PX_LAST" gives ftype = Price] but the 2 bulk fields give BULKFormat ? Also I can`t find the suggested example( BulkRefDataExample.) , I only found SimpleRefDataExample.py – Marwa Zahran Jul 8 at 9:35
  • 1
    Python: if (field.datatype() == blpapi.DataType.SEQUENCE) datatype() documentation: bloomberg.github.io/blpapi-docs/python/3.13/_autosummary/… – Mourad Barakat Jul 11 at 0:48
  • YES it worked perfectly, Thank you for your help and many thanks for the great documentation link :) – Marwa Zahran Jul 11 at 11:43

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