In my Android application, I want a setting to be toggleable in it's menu like the Dialer app does for speaker and mute. You can see a picture below:


You see how the Speaker, Mute and Hold options are toggle buttons - you can tap them again and they will toggle the green color. They may do this in a custom way, but I suspect it is a option (I tried setting the Checkable attribute).

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You could do something like the snippet below as well, originally sourced from anddev.org

public boolean onPrepareOptionsMenu(final Menu menu) {       

      return super.onPrepareOptionsMenu(menu); 

It's looks like this menu item is implemented as a custom view.

In the android source code you can take a look at com.android.phone.InCallMenuView.java to see how this is implemented.

It doesn't look like it is part of the public API, but it looks pretty self-contained. If your project has a compatible license, you may be able to copy it into your project and use and modify it as you see fit.


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