i am trying to find xml parser with xpath support that uses small amount of memory , or rather constant amount of memory , i am trying to parse large xml files , like almost 1 Giga , i have been reading about xqilla , and it seems that is uses very large amount of memory because it is dom based, correct me if i'm wrong.. anyways , any idea for such xml parser for C++ & linux ?

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If you can process the XML in essentially a single pass, a SAX parser would be a good idea. How about Apache Xerces C++?

  • Oh sorry, I missed that. But if you drop your XPath requirement and write your own code to select the data you require, you should be able to use SAX. – Robin Green Apr 16 '11 at 9:53
  • @user687543: Why can't a SAX parser support XPath? – Martin York Apr 16 '11 at 15:49

Saxon-EE supports streaming of large XML documents using XSLT or XQuery (streaming is better supported in XSLT than in XQuery). Details at


You might look at

pugixml enables very fast, convenient and memory-efficient XML document processing. However, since pugixml has a DOM parser, it can't process XML documents that do not fit in memory; also the parser is a non-validating one, so if you need DTD/Schema validation, the library is not for you

However, it is explicitely not a streaming parser. I know streaming and xpath do not generally jive well (due to potential random-access requirements). Allthough, in .NET the ever-famous XPathReader seemed to have bridged the gap for a popular subset of XPath :)

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