I updated my app to webdriver from chromedriver-helper but after that my I've received errors in my specs. It fails in several cases with the same error

Failure/Error: Unable to infer file and line number from backtrace Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownCommandError: unknown command: Cannot call non W3C standard command while in W3C mode

I followed this guide https://everydayrails.com/2019/04/09/chromedriver-helper-webdrivers.html but there are no single word about it. I think it's quite similar issue with this one Cannot call non W3C standard command while in W3C mode (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownCommandError) with Selenium ChromeDriver in Cucumber Ruby but I don't see any relevant answer for that (they don't switched chromedriver-helper to webdriver actually)


group :development, :test do
  gem "awesome_print", require: "ap"
  gem "capybara"
  gem "webdrivers"
  gem "factory_bot_rails"
  gem "faraday-detailed_logger"
  gem "pry"
  gem "rspec-rails"
  gem "site_prism"

Try updating capybara to the latest version (if it's not already) and see if that helps. I saw a similar issues after moving from chromedriver-helper to webdrivers, and updating capybara to 3.15.1 resolved them.

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