Currently, I am making a pong game in Swift(without SpriteKit) that is one player: the ball can bounce off all sides of the view. After some research, I used this algorithm to detect collisions:

if (rect1.x < rect2.x + rect2.width &&
    rect1.x + rect1.width > rect2.x &&
    rect1.y < rect2.y + rect2.height &&
    rect1.y + rect1.height > rect2.y) {
        // collision detected!

This works fine, but how can I detect which side of the paddle that the ball hit?

I need to know this because: if the ball hits the bottom or top side of the paddle, I would multiply the y increment by -1. If the ball hits the left or right side of the paddle, I would multiply the x increment by -1.


If rect1 and rect2 are both CGRect then you can get the mid point with...




You can then find if the mid point ball (whichever one it is) is higher or lower than the midpoint of the paddle.

if rect1.midY >= rect2.midY


On a side note, you’d be much better off using SpriteKit for this. But if you’re just doing it for fun then carry on. Hope it works out. :-)

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  • Hi, thanks for the answer. If I use if rect1.midY >= rect2.midY, couldn't the ball be touching the left or right sides of the paddle? – Xcoder Jul 2 '19 at 23:16
  • You only mentioned that you want to detect top or bottom? If you want to detect left and right you can use midX instead. Oh just read the last part of your question. Yeah, you can use midX also and the logic would be the same – Fogmeister Jul 2 '19 at 23:18
  • In my case, the ball can hit any side of the paddle. What should I do? – Xcoder Jul 2 '19 at 23:18
  • Then check the midY to update the y speed. And then check the midX to update the x. Unless I’m mistaken with what you’re saying. Pong is a very well defined game. If the ball is behind the paddle it doesn’t bounce back. So it’s only going to hit from one side. – Fogmeister Jul 2 '19 at 23:21
  • If you’re doing something different then I suggest adding pictures to help explain. – Fogmeister Jul 2 '19 at 23:21

I found a decent(but not very good) solution. This function returns true if the ball touches either the left or the right side of the paddle, and false if the ball touches either the top or bottom of the paddle.

func touchHorizontalPaddle() -> Bool {
    if abs(ball.origin.x + ball.width - paddle.origin.x) < 1 || 
       abs(ball.origin.x - (paddle.origin.x + paddle.width)) < 1 {
        return true
    return false

The main issue with this function is that the "less than 1" part is hardcoded. Thus, if the ball speed is too fast, or the increment is too large, the conditional statement may get messed up. Overall, though, it works pretty well.

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